XPro-1 Depth of Field Question

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Re: XPro-1 Depth of Field Question

Despite a lot of theory and mathematics surrounding the subject of DOF, but it is a surprisingly subjective aspect. A lot of DOF calculations have to make assumptions about the enlargement factor (the larger you print, the shallower the apparent DOF) and about the range of "acceptable" sharpness (and what's acceptable for one person may be soft for another).

Even the FAQ on dofmaster.com recommends using values 1 stop more than required:

"How accurate are depth of field calculations?

DOF calculations are remarkably good estimates of the subjective depth of field in photographs.  However, you shouldn't expect to get highly accurate results from the calculations.

To ensure that you get enough depth of field in a photograph, stop down an extra stop.  For example, calculate the depth of field at f/11, but set the f-stop on the lens to f/16."

Therefore in my opinion, having the camera being more conservative than the normal assumptions is usually a good thing.

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