XPro-1 Depth of Field Question

Started Jun 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mescalamba Contributing Member • Posts: 858
Re: XPro-1 Depth of Field Question

It has nothing to do with real DOF, its just calculation done internally to show "accurate" DOF scale in hybrid viewfinder.

Which contrary to what DPreview thinks might be actually right. Thing is that more mpix you have and less AA you got (or in X Pro-1 case, none) every fault is visible sooner. D800E users know that now. Even more of that applies to medium format users.

So no, X Pro 1 has same DOF as anything else in APS-C realm, but diffraction will be visible bit sooner and small errors in AF/MF will be visible more too. Thats of course valid only if you are using some RAW converter that gives sharp results (there are some these days).

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