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Re: XPro-1 Depth of Field Question

Jim Evidon wrote:

In the XPro-1 viewfinder, the depth of field is shown as very narrow. DP review commented on this in it's review and said that is equated to a Circle of Confusion of .005, whereas typical APSC sensors have a CofC of approx .022.

I downloaded into my iPad, a D of F calculator which also shows the XPro-1 having a CofC of .005 but it shows all other DPSC sensor cameras have approximately .022; just as said by DPReview. It may be that the application administrator simply calculated the .005 number from looking at the viewfinder of the camera.

So, here is my question. What is the CofC for the XPro-1, and if it is different from the typical APSC camera, why so? If it is actually .005 instead of .022, that would yield an inconvenient and practically unusable depth of field for a hand held camera. Is there a design flaw or anomaly? I posed the question to Fuji tech support this afternoon and am awaiting an answer

What has been the experience of XPro-1 users?

Any and all comments are welcome.

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DOF on the XP1 is the same as with any other APS-C sensor at the same aperture. Fuji's DOF as shown in the viewfinder is narrow, but at 100% my impression has been that it is roughtly accurate. Almost everything is OOF if not smack-bang in the focus plane.

Perhaps it is more noticable with the XP1 since, without an AA filter, less mathematical sharpening is applied which will affect apparent sharpness (and maybe apparent DOF? I stand to be corrected on this)?


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