Nikon's next FX DSLR: Anticipated release date?

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Re: Nikon's next FX DSLR: Anticipated release date?

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Gobbly wrote:


I'm in the market for a full-frame camera from Nikon. Right now the D600 seems to be the most suitable option. But I want to explore other options that may emerge in the near (or far) future. I don't mind waiting for the next update of D600 if it happens within a year from now. My intuition tells me that that is not going to happen for a while but I'd still like to hear your opinions about other FX updates other than the D600 as well.

I've searched all over the internet and I couldn't find anything about it. I don't even know if Nikon has conferences in regular intervals like Apple does. Thought I might put this up here for you experts who may know more about Nikon's trends.


Hi Gobby,

I have to be in Japan from July till the end of September. It's almost certain I will join a Nikon press event in Japan during September (or something should be postponed from Nikons' side), but I cannot tell you the date.

Nikon does not have fixed dates or public schemes for product announcements. They only have for press, partners and wholesale/retail groups.

You probable have more luck trying at the Nikon unofficial official rumors site for Nikon equipment, Nikon Rumors, they will almost certainly give more info and correct details about Nikons' next announcements from this July at the latest in early August.

The rumors I have is are an update to the D800, a D400 a new 35mm prime lens (last is based on inventory info)


What could they add to the d800? Besides wifi and gps, and they seem reluctant to do that As its not even on the d4!!!!

Maybe a a cheeper "old" d800 bargain about tho!!!

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