Another pointless wishlist (or, how Canon might lose me over the 70D)

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Another pointless wishlist (or, how Canon might lose me over the 70D)

If you're here to point out the pointlessness (no pun intended) of this thread, rest assured I am already aware of the fact. I guess I'm just venting a little.

I have an old T1i which I have been using for the last 4 years. While I've enjoyed it thoroughly, I've also come to realize what features I would really appreciate in my next DSLR. So far Canon have fallen well short of that wishlist and the 70D may be their last chance to retain my allegiance. If, as is very likely, they fall short of my expectations, I would appreciate suggestions for alternate brands that fulfil them.

So here is that wishlist:


  • Usable output all the way through ISO6400, i.e. at least 1 stop better than current Canon APS-C sensors
  • Better dynamic range at low ISO
  • At least 2 control dials (mode-dial doesn't count) and plenty of manual controls; I'm tired of hunting through menus
  • Fast, accurate autofocus, even in lower light conditions
  • Auto ISO with enough flexibility to approach "set it and forget it" levels
  • At least 2 custom user settings on the mode dial
  • MFA
  • 1/8000 second min shutter speed
  • 1/250 or better flash sync speed
  • On-board flash
  • In-camera peripheral illumination, chromatic and distortion corrections
  • IR receiver that works from both in-front of and behind the camera
  • Minimum 500 shots/charge
  • Direct video recording button
  • No stupid hang-ups like being unable to change aperture in Live-View/Video mode
  • Minimum 5fps with 2+ second burst in RAW+JPEG
  • On-camera flash should be able to act as a commander for off-camera flashes
  • 100% viewfinder
  • Swivel screen
  • Useful LiveView/Video AF
  • Stereo mic
  • Smallest possible size that can accommodate all of the above

Absolutely don't care:

  • MP, don't care as long as the other criteria are met
  • Weather-sealing, magnesium-alloy body and what not don't really factor into my decision-making
  • Touchscreen; cool if it has it, no big loss if not
  • Wireless/GPS; nifty additions but not at the expense of actual photographic features (*cough* 6D *cough*)
  • Number/type of AF points; don't care as long as it works

So, yes, I'm really thinking D7100 with a swivel screen, better buffer and none of that aperture malarky. Is there a closer fit out there?

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