Speed booster confusion in DOF

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Re: Speed booster confusion in DOF

kkx wrote:


I am trying to understand this before buying the adapter.

Read many posts and articles here and on the net in general, but still not certain.

I hope someone who understand this can help me out. Best of all, if you have the adaptor, so test will be fantastic.

Say I have 100mm 2.8 lens mounted on tri-pod. Focus and framing is fixed.

If I mount a FF camera (say 6D?) and expose at ISO 100 f2.8 1/1200 I will get a photo that I will use as reference.

Now swapping the camera (550D or Nex via simple no lens adaptor) and expose at ISO 100 f2.8 1/1200, I will theoretically get a photo with the same exposure (brightness), absolute DOF as the ref photo above, but the framing will be different, it will be cropped (1.6 or 1.5).

Let's start here.  There is one other thing that is different that you omitted:  the photo's SNR.  It will be like the FF's SNR at ~ISO200.  Remember that you are losing/wasting light with a light circle way too big for the sensor.

If I know swap the camera with nex + the speech booster and I expose at ISO 100 f2.8 1/2400: I will get a photo that is exactly the same (brightness, DOF and framing) as the first reference photo.

You might begin to see what the prior statement was heading toward.  It actually won't be exactly like the reference photo, because it's SNR will be like if the reference FF camera is shooting at ~ISO200.  This now explains why it is shooting one stop faster than the reference photo.

(this is all assuming that the sensor technologies are comparable)

This is why I tell people that the Speed Booster more-or-lessy makes the NEX into a slow-focusing/manual-focusing FF, but stuck on ISO200 and greater.  All the shooting parameters are the same (just ignore all the "adds one stop" conversions, which is only true if you're thinking in APS-C terms), except you can never drop the camera down into a FF's ISO100 creamy smoothness and signal integrity.  It is a partial simulation of the performance envelope of a FF camera.  It does not exceed it in any way.

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