Bought a lens am I screwed?

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Re: Bought a lens am I screwed?

SyberianShot wrote:

I just bought a lens off of Craigslist. It is a 55-200 DX and they were asking $150 for it. I offered $125 and they agreed to meet me. Met with the seller and put it on my camera and it works fine so I paid her and went home. I took a look at the lens and saw that it is a non VR lens! I assumed it was the VR lens because it was priced like it was, I didn't even know there was a non VR version of this lens. Is this lens even usable without a tripod?

If you want to hopefully ensure sharp shots in good light then use shutter priority and keep your speed faster than 1/640 [1/(2x1.5x200) where 200 is the focal length, 1.5 is the crop factor and 2 is the recommended multiplier].  With this the aperture will likely stay at its maximum and Auto-ISO will adjust as necessary.  Then increase your shutter speed as and when desired.

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