D5100: Card capacity error

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Re: D5100: Card capacity error

Lena Hale wrote:

Using a Silicon Power 2GB 45x SD card in a Nikon D5100 body. Here's the exact card, I didn't buy it from there but that's what mine looks like.

The screen said that the remaining card capacity was 132. I took a random shot and it stayed at 132. It finally went down to 131 after taking 7 shots, then down to 130 after taking another 7 shots, and so on. When I hold down the shutter halfway, it says [r27] and that number has not changed the whole time.

I really need to know the capacity of this card so I can prepare for my vacation. This card is several years old (I just found it laying around in 2012), is it possibly damaged? I don't recall ever having problems with it, but the camera has also never given me problems so I'm not sure which one is having issues.

Nothing wrong with it at all I don't think.  The shot counter will always underestimate what you have left, and sometimes it won't decrease.  In all honesty though depending on how long your holiday is, you may want to consider a larger capacity card.  It sounds like you're not shooting the highest quality JPEG (just a guess from the numbers) and to get the most out of the camera I personally would want to shoot at a minimum of Large Fine, or preferably RAW and then do as you wish afterwards.  Each to their own though.

If you want a proper guestimate as to how many shots it will manage (excluding video) you could take a glance at an average file size on your computer and then do 2gb/File size and that should tell you.

Best of luck, Matt

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