Digicam for 5 year old

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Re: Digicam for 5 year old

wchutt wrote:

While a small percentage of five year olds behave as if they were ten year olds, very few of them are going to take care of a camera. A lost ruggedized camera is just as gone as a lost non-ruggedized.

I would buy a bunch of old crappy P&S cameras for less than $50 each and replace them as they disappeared, died or were ruined by negligence, irresponible behavior and immaturity.

Sooner or later the cameras would last longer and longer. Eventually I would buy a bunch of less and old less crappy P&S cameras.

If time went by child loved photography to th point that they respected and took good care of their cameras, eventually they would own  very capable, expensive camera. Chances are they will loose interest and prefer a Smartphone instead.

Thanks!  That's what I'm thinking.  How annoying would it be to spend $100 for a waterproof and shockproof camera for my 5 year old, only to have him break that camera as well.  Better to teach him how to care for a camera, buy him an inexpensive digicam, and then don't worry if he destroys it for whatever reason.

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