After a Big Hassle

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Re: After a Big Hassle

PaulM2 wrote:

Here at the Apartment Complex, we had one of those power interruptions where the power goes off, then back on in maybe 10 sec. or so.

Seriously, invest in a good quality UPS so you don't have to deal with that kind of nonsense again.

What do you people do to store license numbers? In most cases in the past, I had done a screen copy of the email that had the numbers and saved them to a folder. That was one of the folders that is unreadable. So I guess I will now store them on a flash drive?

Just keep them in a simple ASCII text file using Notepad or your favorite replacement.

I have a bunch of such files for different purposes including one for software serials. Actually, I share them via Google Drive so they're backed up and available anywhere. Some more sensitive files are additionally encrypted.

Another question. With dual boot, am I correct that software must be installed for each OS? How do you handle email?

I use Thunderbird and this is quite easy to handle.

I place my Thunderbird profile on one of my data drives. Then either operating system and copy of Thunderbird can access the same profile which includes your mail server configurations and mailboxes.

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