Digicam for 5 year old

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Re: Digicam for 5 year old

areichow wrote:

IMHO, the best thing would be one of the rugged models. Mostly because the lens doesn't need to extend and they're easy to clean. Failing that, another model with a lens that doesn't need to extend- a lot of them have recessed lenses which should work really well.

I've been letting my almost 5 year old (few more weeks!) play with our old PowerShot SD1000. Other than occasionally smooshing his finger over part of the lens, he's had no problems learning to the basics. He can turn flash on and off and use the sliding switch to move between picture, playback, and movie modes. I've showed him how to zoom, but he doesn't seem interested. He got a lot of use out of it on a recent camping trip.

Thanks!  Yes, the waterproof, shockproof models would seem to make the most sense.  I just wish they were less expensive!

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