Moving from Sony to Nikon - please help

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Moving from Sony to Nikon - please help


I want to transition from Sony to Nikon and I need your advice regarding what to buy. (I am also open if you want to give me reasons to stay with Sony or if you want to give me more reasons to switch )

I own a SLT-A57 (as my first SLR ever) and 3 lenses: 18-55, 55-200 and 35mmf1.8, and I want to transition to Nikon for following reasons:

  • I want to buy more (quality) lenses and probably in the future upgrade the body. For Sony the available lenses are not so many as for Nikon, and if I want to buy second hand I am even more limited (also selling Sony is a big problem). I was aware on the problem when I bought Sony, but at that time I was sure that the body+3 lenses will be enough for me for at least 10 years from no - I was wrong I was also fascinated by features like 'object tracking' which proved useless...
  • I think the IQ for Sony is below Nikon, but here I am not so sure

What are my (current) needs:

- I want to take good quality images

- I am shooting landscape, portrait, kids playing (or occasionally doing sports).

- I am shooting mostly outdoor, and I don't like artificial light (for now at least).

- I am learning more and more about photography, composition, etc, and I would not mind if in the future I will be able to get some money out of it But just for fun is ok too.

- I don't care about movies

What I really like at Sony A57 and I want to have with Nikon too:

  • enough fps enabling me to shoot my kids swimming or running. Sony has 3fps and 8fps as 2 usable options - I find 3fps not enough for this, but 8fps does the job great. Not sure how 5 or 6fps would be like
  • I can see the picture in the EVF (or LCD) before taking the shot with focus peaking DOF - if for example I set my aperture to f16 and set manual focus, I can see a preview of the shot with the actual DOF and exposure and with the objects in focus being bordered with a color (its called peaking)
  • I can use LCD instead of VF when shooting from awkward positions
  • I can set a custom white balance by shooting a white paper
  • I can use a very light tripod, since the shutter does not shake the body too much (there is no mirror flip)
  • I can have 4 preset values for (contrast, saturation, sharpness) that I can easily switch between (portrait, landscape, vivid, standard) depending on what I am shooting

Please recommend me a Nikon model , or other advice. (my budget is around $600-$700, I could increase it up to max 8-900, if really needed).


Sony SLT-A57
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