New Pentax K-50 leaked

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How does the K50 stack up vs it's competition?

How does the K50 stack up vs it's competition?

I think this is the key question - whether it's a significant enough improvement for us, who probably already have a Pentax DSLR, really isn't that important.  It's the new potential DSLR customers this camera is for.

So what does this camera have going for it?

Slightly higher than entry level price point, particularly against older DSLR's.

Dual wheels, pentaprism, in body stabilization, magnesium (partly) body, weather resistance, great high iso (though this is pretty much standard these days except canon), large buffer for high speed shooting, great user interface, focus peaking (?), raw dng, micro lens adjustments (?), AA battery support.

These are pretty much the same advantages of the k30 and it is what made and still makes it such a great value.  So feature wise, the k50 is positioned well.  Styling wise, perhaps it is less polarizing and so sales can just focus on it's feature package and not get distracted by looks.  And with the DAL WR, the price of a WR DSLR kit just went down...

$699 for a WR kit w/ semi pro features?  I'd say this is a good opportunity for Pentax if marketing and distribution (ie presence in stores) can do it's part.

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