After a Big Hassle

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After a Big Hassle

Earlier in one of my posts, we discussed dual boot etc. I needed to upgrade my OS, but had a problem with my CAD software in WIN7.

I decided to take some of your advice from that earlier post and to keep it simple with a dual boot WIN7/XP. I purchased 32bit WIN7 Home Premium-System Builder Pack and as I had plenty of room on my main hard drive, I decided to re-partition.

While running the partition software, every thing was going well and the partion's were going to be what I needed. Then the computer gods decided to throw in the "monkey wrench". Here at the Apartment Complex, we had one of those power interruptions where the power goes off, then back on in maybe 10 sec. or so. Wow when I booted the computer back up I received an error message. After fooling a bit I put my WIN XP CD in and booted to the repair. Told me that it was unable to fix.

That was 6 days ago and many hours spent on a recovery. I did not want to loose the listings for software. I have backups for most every thing, but at that point I did not know what I was dealing with.

I have a 160GB hard drive with XP on it in the closet, so I put that in the computer after a disconnect of one of the other backup hard drives. Changed the boot order and found that my old master hard drive that I was working on with the partion software, was really messed up. All the drive letters had changed in a crazy order.Some had split data and put in other drives. A big mess.

Back to the 6 days/hours, I now have the big original hard drive straightened out with 4 partitions,(still messed up drive letters) a working copy of both WIN7 and XP (dual boot works well) and I am in the process of getting every thing I basically need working again on XP which I more familiar with. My plan is to get XP some what up to speed, then in WIN7, get that populated.

I have had computer problems before, mostly hardware failures, never anything this complex. The thing that I have found is that backups are great, providing you have a place to restore to. This leads me to the following questions.

What do you people do to store license numbers? In most cases in the past, I had done a screen copy of the email that had the numbers and saved them to a folder. That was one of the folders that is unreadable. So I guess I will now store them on a flash drive?

Another question. With dual boot, am I correct that software must be installed for each OS? How do you handle email?

I have a lot more questions, some will fall in place as I work on this dual boot, but this post is now long enough.


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