Latest ACR for PS-CS6 ?

Started Jun 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
b2martin_a Contributing Member • Posts: 713
Re: Latest ACR for PS-CS6 ?

Adobe plans to release ACR 8.x that will work with Photoshop CS6.  You can download a Beta version of ACR 8.1 from Adobe Labs that will work with CS6. ACR 8.x hosted by CS6 will not have any new capabilities over ACR 7.x, but will include support for new cameras and lens profiles - don't know how long Adobe will support ACR 8.x in CS6.  ACR 8.x in CS6 will also open images that were adjusted using Lightroom 5 or Photoshop CC that does allow the new capabilities of ACR 8.x, but you can't make any adjustments with ACR 8.x in CS6 - just like ACR 6.7  in CS5 will open images adjusted using ACR 7.x in CS6.

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