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Re: micro 4/3s , Owls IF

You should see me in our Digital Photography Forum at work. I work for a high tech company in the Silicon valley and it's full of engineers with their C&N cameras. Actually Fuji has crept in with it's larger sensor ( I bet they find this post)   Out of hundreds on the forum, there is about 3 who use the EM-5. See, you give an engineer spec sheets of three cameras the check marks will always point to the bigger sensor, better ISO, etc etc.

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Mjankor wrote:

So now it's not the camera, it's the lack of 300mm f2.8's or similar lenses. Move those goalposts.

and that's how I see where the discussion should be.  That is M4/3s limitation isn't cameras, evfs, tracking capability but glass.  That doesn't nean that the other factors aren't important they are and the best camera with the best OVF and the best tracking capability coupled with the best glass will always be better.  There are workarounds for m4/3s users on some criteria but not on glass uinless you use  nzmacros option and go manual..

The biggest step forward for m4/s and action will be available glass.  I don't know if it is even possible at a sensible size and price but if Oly and Panny can offer zooms to 300 for £400, what can they give me for a £1K

Incidentally, like Mjankor,  I have never doubted that the best solution for action is FF and good glass but the point I have tried to push on this forum is that micro 4/3s is just as good as low to medium DSLRs.  I stil,. have my E620 and I wouldn't consider my previous combination of E620 and 70-300 when shooting birds.  The G5 and 100-300 wipes the floor with it even with its EVF.

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