What is the best 2 lenses combination for a Crop sensor Body (60D or 7D)?

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Re: What is the best 2 lenses combination for a Crop sensor Body (60D or 7D)?

Hoogineer wrote:

AlterHase wrote:

I can only concur with the last recommendation.

You're currently at a dilemma. You don't know what you need until you had a chance to give it a try.

My recommendation is for you to get the the kit lens (18-55 or even better 18-135). These are pretty good lenses and will allow you to find your photographic interest(s). Additionally, I recommend you get the cheapest fast lens that makes any sense for you (e.g. 50mm f/1.8). This will allow you to understand what a large aperture will provide to your photography. These lenses don't set you back significantly and you will be able to sell them with only little loss if you ever decide to do that. This step will save ~$1500 from your budget.

On the camera side, the best recommendation I can provide is to hold the camera you plan to buy in your hands. There is quite a difference between a rebel and a 60D/7D. Not uncommonly you will only find one of them comfortable to use. Obviously, you don't want to buy the wrong kind.

After a little while you will come to understand the limits of this set of equipment to your photography: on the wide angle, on the telephoto side, on the large aperture, camera speed, etc. At this time you will have the remaining money from your original budget and the experience how to spend it.

I think this is a great recommendation (although I think 50mm is too long for a crop body ... but lots of people don't seem to mind).

I agree that 50mm is likely too long on a crop as general walk-around lens. But the 50mm f/1.8 is the cheapest lens that allows experiencing shallow depth of field photography - arguably a critical tool in photography. Also, it makes for a decent portrait lens on a crop (~85mm FF equivalent) - a common use case for shallow depth of field. The OP needs to start somewhere to build up experiences with the tools of the trade. I'd argue that this is a pretty good one - even though he might find that he will prefer different tools (=lenses) to support/enable his personal photographic style in the future. In this case there will be virtually no financial loss when selling this lens.

Although much more than the 18-55mm kit lens, the 18-135 STM would be great for video and probably not be something you replace.  With that lens, you could shoot at a wide range of focal lengths and figure out what your true needs are: Fast prime in the 30mm range?  UWA < 17 mm?  Telephoto that's much greater than 135mm?  Better IQ in a narrower-range zoom (e.g. 17-55mm)?

Just getting the 18-55mm kit would be fine, too.  It's a small investment and also would enable you to figure out what focal lengths (and max aperture) you need.  I learned than I needed something faster for indoor low-light shooting and ended up purchasing a Sigma 30mm (old version) later on.


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