New Pentax K-50 leaked

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Re: 12-bit RAW? Must be Sony special sensor

marike6 wrote:

It's the same Sony 16 mp Exmor, but I believe the 12-bit is more a result of the DNG RAW format vs the PEF RAWs files from the K-5.

No, the 12-bit is the hardware limitation and has nothing to do with RAW data format.

I remember reading on DxOMark that the 12-bit RAWs essentially cost the K-30 / K-01 about 1 EV DR.

Personally I don't know why Pentax is limiting what are otherwise perfect cameras like the K-30 and Ricoh GR with 12-bit DNG.  Even the D5100 has 14-bit uncompressed RAW, so it's not a low-end / high-end thing.

I agree with you that it is not a low-end/high-end thing. My take is it is a cost thing. Either Sony supplies the 12-bit sensor chip at a lower cost or Pentax relaxes the hardware pipeline design (ADC, etc.) to save some cost even though the sensor chip is 14-bit capable.

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