New Pentax K-50 leaked

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Great. How about they bring lens prices back down to earth...

I'm a huge fan of Pentax bodies, and this leaked K-50 looks very nice.  The real problem is that Pentax has raised it's prices on lenses to such an extreme levels that they are no longer competitive with Nikon / Canon APS-C and FF lenses from a price / performance POV.

When the 40 2.8 is now $500, and the 31 and 77 1.8 DA primes are well over $1000 each it's a serious problem for perspective Pentax customers.  And it doesn't get any better for zoom users as they are all outrageously priced. When you have old screw driver lenses like the 12-24 ($900) or variable aperture or f4 lenses like the 17-70 f4 ($600) it's a real problem because it mean that no matter how great the bodies Pentax is producing, the prohibitively expensive glass is a big stumbling block for many.

Pentax Lens line-up at B&H - Wow, how times have changed price wise from one or two years ago.

And these are USA prices.  I cannot imagine what Pentax users in Europe are paying.

One or two years ago you could put together a nice kit with three DA* primes for a decent amount of money.  Now, forget it.  With almost no f1.4 lenses except the 50 1.4 and 55 1.4 it's a lineup that is primarily APS-C, but with in many cases, FF price tags.

So either you buy into the Pentax system and use good, but all plastic budget lenses like the DA 35 2.4 and 50 1.8, mixed together with aging kit lenses like the 18-55 WR and mediocre 50-200 WR or you spend a fortune on APS-C primes like the DA* series and the astronomically price f2.8 APS-C zooms like the 16-50 and 50-135.   Or you simply forgo Pentax glass in favor of third party lenses like the Tamron or Sigma 17-50 2.8 and 70-200 2.8 (both of which are priced more in-line with what APS-C lenses should be priced).

Anyway, I was very sad the day I sold my K-30, but at the time, I refused to go along with Pentax USA's overzealous pricing for it's aging lens lineup.  I think they are making a big mistake by not trying at least to remain competitive price wise with the other big three.  New bodies are almost exciting, but the overall system of lenses and flashes that has to be taken into account from a price / performance perspective.

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