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Re: micro 4/3s , Owls IF

Of course you do the best you can with what you have, and that's great. Not saying that you don't have a nice shot there, and I'm not trying to criticize you. All I am really saying is that the EM-5 is not in the same league as even the E-5 when it comes to doing BIF for so many reasons. Yes people can take some nice BIF shots with the EM5 but doing it on a regular basis is another story. I see lot's of posts saying the EM-5 can do this and can do that.. but there are some severe limitations.

Here is an example. The golden hour where the light is beautiful with your subject pushing 300mm?  Guess what, that f6.7 lens will be lucky to even focus in that light. (I've tried it), couple that with the lack of any teleconverter, mirror blackout issues, focus box issues, stability due to lack of mass and it all adds up to a terrible BIF system.

Not saying people can't pull a few out, but giant killer it's not.

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Fleabag wrote:

Micro 4/3's doing birds in flight is like saying a '64 bug is a race car. Yes it can race, but...

I love my EM-5 but a BIF camera it is not.

But if it is what you have and is what you can afford it does OK pro rata for the investment and IMO does as well as a DSLR for the same amount of money.  I don't have the money or inclination to go formula 1 so I'll do a bit of karting.

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