The art of miniturisation come to like!

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andy amos Contributing Member • Posts: 685
The art of miniturisation come to like!

Its 2013, the second generation Q10 model has been out for a while but this is the camera to get for several reasons:

1) The price has come done to must have levels

2) The more linear design is just beautifully simple and eligant

3) You really aren`t going to notice the extra spec of the Q10 for the vast majority of real world shooting

I'm from the SLR stable, started with an OM1 30 years ago, been through the digital point and shoots, advanced onto DSLRs and never looked back....until now! Enter the Pentax Q. On paper you'd give it a pass, its not the best in terms of image quality, resolution, speed, connectivity, oh list goes on in favour of other models. But then the game changes when you get to see it in the flesh, hold the magnesium body in you fingers (its too small to say hand) and then switch it on! With a combination of SLR usability, compact size and sheer user enjoyment it has revolutionised my rationality. It zooms as fast as you can turn the manual ring. you can either autofocus or do it manually (well almost, its manual zoom bire wire). Its just such good fun. As a street camera it comes into a world of its own. The depth of field is pretty "humongous" which has its good and bad sides, thats if you don't choose the depth of field control offered when shooting in JPEG. I'm a RAW diehard so I can't comment on the plathera of image capture options it has in jpeg mode, but enough to keep the iphone app obsessive occupied!

I upgraded to the latest firmware on the camera's arrival so focus speed has not been an issue. I bought it with the 02 5-15 zoom lens which is simply amaizing for its size. I honestly haven't used my Pentax K7 DSLR since this mini wonder arrived.I also purchased a cheap retro leatherite case which makes the whole bundle even more rediculously toylike to look at!

I've played with a Pentax K adapter and had fun using my 55-300 zoom lens on it, or should I say, using the camera on the lens! A tripod is a must or else finding targets like the moon can be pretty hit and miss!

The only down side is the lack of viewfinder. For those of use in need of near sight correction the need to hold the camera out at arm's length to see the LCD isn't too hot. There is an optical viewfinder available for the 01 8mm lens but it costs more than the camera.

To cap it all, its so damn cute my wife declared she needed one about half an hour after seeing it in my hands. She now adorns hers around her neck like a neckless everywhere she goes! Not sure if more photos are taken but it proves that the camera really is a pleasure to carry round!

Really, its in a class of its own, and probably a future classic! I congratulate the Pentax desingers!

Pentax Q
12 megapixels • 3 screen • Compact sensor
Announced: Jun 23, 2011
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