New Pentax K-50 leaked

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Quality, not quantity?

So what does this make, 6 pentax aps-c cameras one can buy new at the moment? Yay, another one- but with an uglier body that looks like a Canon. Yawn.

Hey Ricoh/Pentax- here's a lineup idea.
How about:
• one awesome point & shoot.
• one awesome waterproof point & shoot
• one awesome small, retro rangefinder styled aps-c
• one awesome aps-c dslr
• one awesome retro rangefinder styled FF
• one awesome FF dslr
• one awesome medium format.
• lots of super fast glass from now on. F2 & F2.8 zooms, f1.4(or faster) primes.

Thats it- No skimping, no more entry level this, enthusist that- just make top of the line cameras that make Pentax synonymous with Top shelf. Stop trying to be the camera company that caters to every damn type of amateur & be the company that caters to people who are serious about photography(notice I didn't use the word 'professional').

Pentax is in the unique position in that its the only dslr company to have a digital Medium format in its lineup. I'd like to see them have a solid, straightford upgrade path.
Aps-c --> FF --> MF.
No more than 2 models of each. Quality, not quantity.

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