A prediction of the D400.

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Re: focus peaking?

coudet wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

I don't expect a D400 to have an EVF because a camera optimized for action isn't the first place Nikon should be putting an EVF in the DX product line.  

Arguably, they shouldn't be putting one at all. They could ask Sony how it worked out for them with EVF Alphas. EVF isn't something you buy a camera for, it isn't a feature that adds value, it's something you put up with cause the mirrorless cameras don't leave you with any other choice.

I'm not a video guy, so this is speculation, but an EVF might appear to video people?

As far as I know all DSLR video you need to use the LCD often with aloupe/viewfinder atachment or you attach an external monitor.

I would think an EVF might be of benefit to video people.

If the EVF could be swung out the way, then you could make the action people happy and maybe Nikon could get a leg up into video at the same time.

Especially if they design it such that the aperture can be adjusted in live view.

Maybe Nikon is seeing the D400 as more than just a D300 replacement/action camera.
Maybe they're thinking it might be their way to become relevant in video.

Either way I'm a D7000 shooter and I thought I'd be happy with the D7100 or step up to full frame, but lately the idea of a D400 is really starting to appeal (i've been hitting the buffer restriction).

Especially if there are some new DX lenses released as well.

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