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least expensive way...

Here's what appear to be your best option in the UK (where your profile says you're located) if you really want to upgrade the old machine.

Buy the boxed version for an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from Amazon:

It contains both 32 bit and 64 bit media.   You'll want to go with 64 Bit, and you'll need to use the "Custom" install option when prompted, meaning that you will not retain anything from your original installation.  Basically, when you select "Custom", it performs a Clean installation (overwriting everything that was already installed).

That's because if you do an in place upgrade, you'd need to stick with 32 bit (which wouldn't let you access more than 4GB of memory).  Instead, you'll need to back up all of your data, and use the "Custom" install option with 64 Bit Windows 8.

After installing Windows 8, you'll need to reinstall all of your programs again, then restore your backed up data.

Then, replace your memory (you'll have 2 modules plugged into your motherboard) with this 2x4GB set of memory from Crucial so you'll have 8GB total:

Then, what I'd do is install Classic Shell for Windows.  It's free and will make Windows 8 look and work more like Windows Vista or Windows 7.   Get it here:

Article about it:

That upgrade would cost you approximately £210 including VAT, and would give you 64 Bit Windows 8 and 8GB of memory.   The new user interface in Windows 8 can be confusing.  But, if you install the free Classic Shell, it will look and work like Vista or Windows 7, making it easier for you to adjust to it.

Since Photoshop will only use around 1.7GB of your memory under 32 Bit Vista (and will use all available memory under a 64 Bit OS like Windows 8 once you install the 64 Bit version of Photoshop,which it will do automatically when you install it again), you should end up with several times as much memory available to CS6 after the Operating System and Programs are loaded.

But, given that it's an older PC, you may want to consider just buying a newer model that already has a 64 Bit Operating System and more memory installed (and you could easily upgrade a newer model to 16GB for very little more later, since newer computers use a less expensive DDR3 memory type).

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