Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Grandpappy-gear

Anders W wrote:

PerL wrote:

When the dslr becomes grandpappy-gear it will no longer be cool.  This is no matter how well it works, people came to laugh at the plate glass camera as much as the Graphlex is about to start a riot if seen used in public these days.

Actually I believe that young ambitious professionals today are more likely to want to use the heavy duty pro stuff from Nikon and Canon.

Choosing conivience and comfort in carrying over results and performance is more like grandpa-style, I would say.

You mean grandpa-style like Robert Capa or W. Eugene Smith when they chose Leica M over larger formats?

Well, they choose the performance they needed to get the shots - fast shooting and portability. Todays pros choose the what they need to get the shot. And the pro stuff delivers - that is the bottom line.

Once you could point out a small format/mirrorless shooter that gets better results at the Olympics or other arenas that are the home turf of the traditional pro cameras, you will see pros take notice. But meanwhile, the pro attitude is "put up or shut up".

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