New guy looking for feedback/critics

Started Jun 3, 2013 | Photos thread
Swiss L New Member • Posts: 24
Re: New guy looking for feedback/critics

Picture 6 would clearly benefit from a ND Grad filter so both foreground and background are exposed correctly to ensure the point of interest "the plane" is not lost. I think that you have a good eye, although the points of interest are perhaps not interesting enough (Just an opinion). Composition is in my opinion often ruined by adhearing to rules. Often placing the "point of interest dead centre is the thing to do, and splitting a picture in half can work if the focus of the eye is drawn to what you want and the viewer appreciates the message you wish to convey. I often revisit my pictures and try and view them as an interested observer, and ask the questions: does it draw me in and convey the meaning I wanted?; does my eye rove around the picture in the right order? I try and create photographs not memories. Being creative is hard and takes time. I am learning this as "creative seeing" is a skill that I struggle with. Hope this helps and is not total hyperbole.

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