A REAL MAJOR PHOTOGRAPHIC REVOLUTION ! The perfect of color's restitution !

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Re: A REAL MAJOR PHOTOGRAPHIC REVOLUTION ! The perfect of color's restitution !

Hi, I have recovered now from all the CAPS written words and all the superlatives.

Bayer sensors are based on RGB filters. Generally, the color rendition is very accurate. Much more accurate than color film. The high degree of accuracy might be somewhat boring. So, its quite customary today to enhance the colors for more spectacular photography.

Bayer sensors have problems with color based micro contrast. This is both due to the fact that often AA filters are used and that 2 out of 3 colors are computed instead of measured.

Regarding Foveon and color accuracy, there are different opinions. It is quite customary that the colors just go crazy. Yellow skin, green sand, pink cars, orange waterposts, cyan sky, ... etc, etc, .... You might also get (e.g. green) color cast in the corners. But you can also get delightful colors. Its not so easy to get boring correct colors

So, you are of course entitled to your opinion ... but that Foveon should have more accurate colors than Bayer I don´t believe and that Bayer cannot reproduce accurate colors I know to be untrue.

When it comes to resolution and sharpness, that's also debatable. A 24 MP APS-C is the same kind of resolution as SD1 and a 35 MP FF camera has more and a medium format much more. But ... sharpness is not the same as resolution. Sharpness depends on resolution and accutance.

You can get more accutance from Bayer cameras by using some sharpening tool. But ... the images Foveon already have that accutance. The latter is probably to prefer.

Lots of people have tried to show/test the difference. Its not easy.

So ... nice you are enthusiastic. But ... I think you have to come down to earth.

BTW - never heard the name Argentic for silver based systems before. Glad to learn a new name. I know though that Ag is silver.

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