Did I wreck my flash?

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Re: I tested the old flash-then bought a new one.

HansN46 wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

HansN46 wrote:

After all I guess my flash is gone indeed. I used it om my assignment last Friday and I had to adjust the aperture every time I the distance to object was changed. So the TTL didn't work properly. Very annoying because I had to check all the images immediately after shooting.

I think it is very UN-likely that you have permanently damaged your flash by putting the batteries in the wrong way.... especially as you have stated that it appeared to have recovered normal operation.

Instead, I think you have some other problem....

..... maybe nothing more than a lack of appreciation that MOST shots need flash compensation, and this is true even when TTL is working properly and without any actual fault.

If I am right, buying a new flash isn't going to "fix" anything.

Perhaps you should do some controlled tests with your present flash, say, with camera on a tripod, and aimed at a domestic subject with a wide range of evenly distributed tones in it... possibly a wall of your family room? Then shoot frames with TTL flash control, and see what happens with a range of Flash Compensation values applied in incremental fashion.

When you have some results, maybe we can help to evaluate them.... [??]

So I'm looking for another flash now. Any suggestions within the pricerange to € 200 or a little higher?

Thnx, H.

Well, I decided to check my "lack of appreciation" on wich I actually did not very much doubt about . I used the flash already for 17 months. It would have been strange if it started to act different than it did the time before without any reason.

Okay. That's fine. I wrote "maybe"....

..... it was only a suggestion to stop you binning what may have been a perfectly viable piece of equipment..

But I have thoroughly tested the Metz flash and I'm convinced that the flash is gone, at least the controlling electronics inside.

I made a series of images with diffferent shutterspeeds, a series with different apertures and a series in different Manual settings and ISO-auto and in each of the series there were only one or two images next to each other that were about correctly exposed. The higher-numbered and lower-numbered images were gradually under- or over-exposed. So my conclusion was the TTL did not affect the controlling system in the flash anymore.

Did you do any test where flash compensation was employed?

So I decided to buy another one but not until the salesman let me try it before buying. And of course he did. I immediately noticed the difference: the images were all correctly exposed, which means that the in-camera TTL control was not affected.

It may not have been caused by putting the batteries in the wrong way, that's what the salesman said too, but nevertheless the Metz was broke. Not a good score for Metz after 17 months.

I think it is very doubtful that putting the batteries in the wrong way was the cause of the flash losing its ability to regulate output, whilst STILL being able to output (fire) at all.

I am also very sorry that you have had such poor service from your Metz gun, something which is uncharacteristic of my own experience with the brand. The company has been a top manufacturer since the earliest days of portable electronic flash (my Daddy had a Metz in 1955).. and is still considered pretty much bulletproof by the pros.. [??] .. and I'm still using a Metz 45 CT-1 from the 1980s... (just upgraded it with a brand new NiMh battery set)....so...[??]

I bought the new flash, a Nissin Di866 Mark II Pro. So far my opinion is that it's a big plus.

I can only wish you better luck with, and lots of enjoyment from, your new flash.

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