Nikon Service Still Playing Impact Damage Game

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The End

Josh152 wrote:

Guidenet wrote:

Josh152 wrote:

Well for most people they don't have the time, or money to fight it out in court with Nikon over $600 or to buy a new lens so they really have no choice but to pay.

Josh, who said a thing about fighting it out in a court of law? I know I didn't. The truth is that I'm not sure how I'd fight it, if it were me in that situation. I'm not, so I don't have to decide what to do. The only thing I believe is that I'd fight it and get it covered under warranty. This is if I knew I was on the right side of right.

I would pay, but not so happy if I knew I wasn't totally right. Who wouldn't be grumpy about breaking an expensive lens?

The key here in my opinion, is an ethical call. I believe people should decide not only that they are right, but they are on the Right side of Right, before really pursuing an issue like this. See what I mean? That's what I was talking about. I think sometimes it shows through when people know they, morally and ethically, aren't quite right. They're just angry. Sometimes people just need to vent and that's also ok. A Web forum is as good of a place as any.

Take it easy.

So you tell Nikon the lens wasn't dropped they say it was.  Now what?  Either you take them to small claims court over it, pay them to fix the lens, or just have them send it back with out repair.

I really dont' know what you are going on about.  Of course people are going to vent.  Of course they are not going to be happy when this happens.  What does that have to do with anything?  You were and still are implying the reason people just pay Nikon is because they are are lying about not dropping the lens. I offered an alternative and much more reasonable explanation. That being the people are pretty much stuck and have no choice but to pay.

Oh boy. You didn't understand one thing I said, then you came back with exactly what you said before, adding something you think I inplied but did not. I'm not sure you really want to understand and that's ok.  Some people are so interested in their own viewpoint, they just don't even try to understand another. It's easier to rinse and repeat. It will come with maturity.. or not.

Anyway I'm really not into silly banter. This is a photography forum, so I'm calling the end. Have a nice evening. Click...

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Cheers, Craig
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