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Colin Franks wrote:

Or what are your thoughts about going with something like a 7D, and putting that extra money into better/more glass?

Well, the 7D is my main camera. I am quite satisfied with the camera (and my lens collection). I had repeatedly the opportunity to use a 5D mkIII so I feel I can respond with some personal experience.

I find in controlled tests that the pixel level image quality is clearly better on the 5D (critical to large prints).

I find that in real life tests with some work in post I get my 7D images close enough that all the additional benefits I would get from the 5D III based system are not worth the money to me. This is partly based on the observation that I am mostly the limiting factor in my photography, not the equipment. Another part is that I don't pursue photography as a profession - time and money take on a different importance in a professional setting.

From my experience I can confirm the frequent comment on this forum that the 7D is more demanding on glass than the 5D. This is an important consideration if you plan on printing very large on your printer. Also, I think I'd agree with the statement that one needs to "learn" longer to get the best out of the 7D - the 5D in comparison is a more "forgiving" camera.

Lastly the crop factor dictates certain lens choices. E.g. the EFS 10-22mm is the only ultrawide choice in the Canon lens line up. The equivalent EF 16-35L makes a stronger combination with the 5D, but for a significantly higher price tag. Similarly, the 17-55 f2.8 is a strong all around lens for a 7D, but a 24-70LII on a 5D is much better at higher price tag. I personally struggle with the 70-200 range on a crop (70 is too long for my taste) and the 55-250, while very good value, is not comparable to the (image) quality of any L lens.

Because of the crop factor I don't think the question is quite correct as you put it, but rather "will I be satisfied with a crop camera and a matching lens set compared to a better image quality of a significantly more expensive 5D+L lens collection"? Only you will be able to answer this question.

The only thing I recommend to help you with this: test it out for yourself before you commit to the purchase. Maybe with help in a local photography club or by renting the lens/camera combinations you're interested in.

Good luck on your journey!

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