1st Post to BW forum - Critique/advice please

Started Jun 5, 2013 | Photos thread
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Re: 1st Post to BW forum - Critique/advice please

Doss wrote:

Hi all,

I'm not too experienced with digital b/w - but I'm enjoying beginning to dabble.

For the image below I've heavily darkened the background surround (with, kind of, a Holga effect vignette). Now, this has made the clipped the blacks well beyond anything I'd ever normally do with colour. Is this acceptable/normal practice with digital BW processing? Will it digitally print ok?

I've already received some feedback from friends on the picture itself - but I'd like a wider concensus:

Please feel free to criticise in any thoughtful way you wish.

"Hope & Faith" - India 2012

Well done, I like it. Add catchlights on the girl at the back, and you got a winner.

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