Girl modelling / New Rokkor 50mm f/1.4

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Re: Girl modelling / New Rokkor 50mm f/1.4

captura wrote:

JoeyCF3 wrote:

captura wrote:

Which Rokkor 50 1.4? There were several. Mine is the Rokkor MC PG.

Sorry, I should have specified. It's the MC Rokkor - PG. Got it for $60. Neat little upgrade from my MD Rokkor-X f/1.7. Although, I don't like how heavy the MC is.. I'm sure I'll get used to it though. Even at 1.4, this lens looks nice and sharp. I'm very impressed by it.

Now.. I just don't know if I should get the SEL50F18 later this month, or order a Lens Turbo for my new Rokkor.. thoughts?

I've got both. The Minolta Rokkor MC 50 1.4 PG and the 50SEL1.8.

Both are very good lenses. Very sharp, although the Sony lens far exceeds in features (of course) and in it's multi-coating.) The 1.4 lens like most Minoltas has some amazing color renditioning.

I have an MC 55 1.9 which is almost as heavy as the 1.4, but is actually an excellent sharp pancake lens as good as the 1.4.

Even sharper is the 50 f3.5 macro.

My favorite is the  Minolta MD 50 f2 because of it's superior coatings, small size/weight, great bokeh and is good from virtually wide open. Not as sharp, however, but it has 'soul.'

Not all of the Minolta lenses were called Rokkor.

I need to do some tests comparing the 1.4 PG Rokkor with the 50E1.8.


Hmm.. now you have me wanting to pick up more vintage lenses LOL.

Which lens do you use more often? The SEL50F18 appeals to me because my shoots would go so much smoother / quicker with the help of autofocus.

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