I owned 17-40 F4 L, Should I get 35mm or 50mm?

Started Jun 3, 2013 | Questions thread
Dave Throgmartin
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Re: I owned 17-40 F4 L, Should I get 35mm or 50mm?

PaanJr wrote:

i have Canon 6D, and i love wide picture, with a nice bokeh for sure, but 17-40 with aperture maximum at F4, i will never have a creamy bokeh, i owned 50mm 1.8 before this, but i sold it due to hazy and very ugly bokeh, also the sound that it makes while focusing is quite disturbing, now im thinking to get a 50mm 1.4 or 35mm f2. i cant sleep for a week. i hope this will end. 

The 17-40, while not really a good choice for background separation, is capable of it in some circumstances like the photo below.

50mm isn't very wide, but you can get quite good background separation with one at f/1.4.  These are using the Zeiss Planar not the Canon, but it does show the possibility.

The 35mm f/2 will have similar bokeh to the 50mm f/1.8 that you didn't like.  50mm can get more blur, but isn't a wide angle.  If you like the focal length the 28mm may be more up your alley.  It has USM focusing and a rounded aperture.


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