100D : wouldn't it be nice if it had similar dimension to a Leica M9

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Re: 100D : wouldn't it be nice if it had similar dimension to a Leica M9

Jared Huntr wrote:

iancrowe wrote:

tommy leong wrote:

after playing with it
i must say Canon has done very well with this 100D.
only thing is the kit lens 18-55 is awesomely big and most unbalanced on 100D.
IF ONLY Canon has something smaller or more compact to pair with 100D.

Actually, the M9 isn't that much smaller than the SL1:


In fact, it is wider and heavier. In fact, a lot heavier. IMO, it's that feeling of a weighted brick that I find more inconvenient than a slightly larger form factor.

Hmmm... yes, not too difficult. Remove the mirror and mirror box, that will cut the dimensions down quite a lot. Of course you'll have to change lens mount and lens design to allow for the shorter distance between the lens and sensor. You could probably supply an adaptor so that the new camera could use existing EF and EF-S lenses (don't want to lose out lens sales do we). We'll have to design a couple of lenses for the new mount (just to show willing) so why not make one of them a pancake style lens to make for a really small package say about 40mm focal length and a standard 18-55 zoom.

Dropping the mirror box means that we're going to lose the PDAF sensor but beefing up contrast detect algorithms should mean we can get away with using the main sensor for auto focus. That should work reasonably well.

I think the writing is on the wall. PDAF built into the image sensor is the way of the future. The Nikon 1's has already proven that this is viable. This will also eliminate all the AF front/rear focus calibration issues.

I understand where you're coming from, but the big difference appears to be the thickness.  In this case the Leica with the smaller mount to sensor distance is 47% thinner.

Hpwever, the EOS M is tiny compared to the Leica!  http://camerasize.com/compare/#213,351

Either way the Leica is so expensive its in another world.  I've never even seen one in person!


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