New Pentax K-50 leaked

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This is the reason why no FF

The Chief Design Engineer met the Chief Marketing Director and talked to the CFO and CEO and they said: While we finished the umpteenth analysis if a FF is needed or viable, let's get the other engineers, designers busy with something.. What about a  new version of the APS-C we know to make so well?" They all cheered, then agreed&proceeded.

The Chief Designer Office run to his office to call Mark Newson for some design proposals, but Mark was busy designing some furniture for Ikea and after all the jokes about k-01 he decided no to try anymore with cameras or at least with Pentax. Chief design officer then called his own people and they came up with a design to compete on the exterior with Canons...

What should we call it? After so many discussions they cut a line in the middle and selected a combination of K-5 and K-30. K30 gives up a "0" and borrows it to k-5... Hooola, we got a k-50!

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