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Re: 12-bit RAW? Must be Sony special sensor

rwl408 wrote:

I thought 14-bit RAW is standard these days. I could be wrong but K-30 and this one seem to be the only two with 12-bit RAW.

I think they have just mostly re-packaged the K-30 design, which used the same 12-bit Sony sensor as the K-01 and K-30, which is a different sensor than the 14-bit one used in the K-5 and K-5 II's.  The 12-bit sensor seems to have a faster scan rate for higher specification in video modes and a faster frame rate for Live View.

I see that this new design still uses the older SAFOX IXi + Phase Detect Auto Focus (PDAF) module, although the very latest of that range, and not the more sensitive SAFOX X as used in the K-5 II's which means that the sensitivity should have been listed as -1 to 18 EV.

Not much is being lost due to 12-bit instead of 14-bit raw depth, especially with this sensor, as if it had 14-bit output one would only get about one extra usable distinction in level in the deepest shadows which would only be usable at ISO 200 and below, but at a cost of about 40% larger average raw file sizes after they are loss less compressed due to inefficiencies in compressing more random noise in the majority of the settings and due to inefficiencies in the 14-bit compression parameters.

Regards, GordonBGood

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