A Pro's opinion of EVF vs OVF

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Re: A Pro's opinion of EVF vs OVF

Why would a D300 comparable DX version of V1 be desirable rather than a D5100?  A D300 isn't strictly for action shooters.

Let's assume the AF is improved.  V1 already beats my D300 in light down to dusk for speed of acquisition.  Accuracy is at least as good...if not better.  Hopefully, that could improve as could ability to track moving objects.  V1 is already capable of following moving children, people jogging. etc.  Improvement may not match a D300, but would certainly beat a D5100.

IMO, the biggest standout feature of DSLRs is the ability to offer shallow DOF for excellent subject acquisition, and back that up with AF capable of keeping moving subjects in focus (so you can actually take advantage of the shallow DOF). Otherwise, if fast action isn't a priority, any mirrorless camera can do a similar job with less bulk.

The other major feature that I think is really important is the long battery life. Even if your DSLR battery does run low, it's easy to conserve power by avoiding rear LCD screen use. A camera like the V1 would be like leaving your DSLR in live view mode (lots of unavoidable battery drain).

Then add silent shutter, 10fps.  I find that immensely useful in candid photos, or group pics.  How often I find the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th group shot the perfect one.  The movie mode is quite useful as well.

Silent shutter would be great. I can't wait for them to add that to DSLRs, even if it only works in LV mode.

I wonder...why is the mechanical shutter still needed today?

Add D300 external controls for WB; exposure comp; mode; focus point; quality; ISO etc.; and on camera flash compatible with Nikon's complete flash system which the current V1 lacks and we're talking about a camera WAY above a D5100.  And, possibly, a camera which many current dSLR users would find superior in importantan ways  (TO THEM) than even a D7100.

For some photographers, yes.

But for others, the D5100's ability to track in low light, low power consumption, and superior image quality might be desirable.

There are numerous EVF cameras available today.  Many have rabidly devoted users.  Visit the m4/3 forum.  There are strong reasons why people like them.  I have found, I like them...with reservations.

However, were Nikon able to produce a camera such as I described, those reservations would be eliminated for me.

There are rabidly devoted users on every forum.

But for me, traditional DSLRs are still superior in so many ways that a transition now would be premature...

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