Canikon another dinosaur?

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Agree "Majority of DSLR are used it for family photos", yet that is why DSLR are needed

Olymore wrote:

Yet the vast majority of people that I have met who owned a DSLR camera used it for family photos , holiday photos or the occasional day out at a show or event.  I'm not disputing that there are minority groups who own 500mm lenses but the vast majority of casual photographers (who will make up most of the market) will not own such specialised equipment.

I agree with your assessment, but "Family Photo" is precisely why DSLR continue to sell well.  Majority of DSLR owners I'd met are not professional, but a weekend warrior who shoots his/her sons & daughter's soccer practice.  Canon 300mm F4 IS and Canon 100-400L are popular choices here in Southern California.  DSLR will alwasy be in demand, as long as people play sports...which is FOREVER

The author of the article is obvious a lonely single guy without the need to shoot his/her daughter's swim meet, dance recital, or son's football practice.

Having said that, I don't always enjoy carrying my Canon + 70-200 F4 Is with me when I"m not shooting sports/performance.  That is where MIRRORLESS excel, it give me a Big Sensor camera in a smaller package.

There is more than enough room for both DSLR and Mirrorless platform to Co-Exist.   I failed to understand why each camp keep insist on the death of the other camp as a sign of success.

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