Would you switch brands if an nex sized ff competitor entered the market?

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Re: Full Frame

Tastybread wrote:

Do you guys think speed boosters make the photo seem artificial? Maybe I'm just thinking that because I know it's just an adapter and not actually a larger sensor.

Artificial how? The benefit of larger sensors are:

  • Gather more light - check!
  • Provide a wider angle view for a given focal length than APS-C - check! 
  • Shallower depth of field at a given angle of view than APS-C - check!

All of those benefits are provided by the Speed Booster. If you are wondering why nobody came up with one before, it's simply because mirrorless cameras that accept SLR lenses are relatively new, and optical reducers must shorten the path between the lens and the sensor, which couldn't be done with APS-C DSLRs.

There are still some minor benefits to true FF sensor cameras, of course, but the Speed Booster, IMO is a great option if you've got the right lenses and a compatible system.

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