Nikon Service Still Playing Impact Damage Game

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Re: Nikon Service Still Playing Impact Damage Game

ralphcramdon wrote:

hewhosculpts wrote:

I've never gotten burned by Nikon Service but after hearing all these horror stories I'm not sure I can recommend Nikon products to others anymore... Note to Nikon, if I ever do get personally burned I'll sell my gear and go Cannon regardless whether they have anything that can match the D800 (which I own.)

What makes you think the grass is greener

Regardless, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. It's the principle that counts. Besides, one doesn't hear this kind of bitching and moaning about the Canon service so I strongly suspect Nikon's service is a lot worse.

Note, if more Nikon users that got screwed sent nasty letters to Nikon in Japan saying they just sold all their Nikon gear on craigslist and are going all Canon then maybe the service we got would be a lot better...

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