for lowlight shooting, D600 or D800?

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Re: for lowlight shooting, D600 or D800?

golf1982 wrote:

Steven Sax wrote:

So I created a stir about the e or not the e for my second camera, but now I'm wondering if I should wait on the e and get a d600:

I shoot landscapes as my passion, but my normal work is shooting band photography in lowlight; I use my D4, 14-24, 85 1.4 and 135dc, with my d300s as my second camera. It's not really a backup since I'll use one camera for wideangle and another for closeups...

So though I'd prefer the D800e for my landscapes, I really need a camera with very good lowlight capability. In looking at the comparisons, WHEN YOU DOWNSAMPLE (OR UPSAMPLE) the d800 does just as well as the d600 in lowlight. BUT, I'm not doing that when I'm shooting and the difference at 6400 at 100% is remarkable. I've shot both and then looked at the images in PS.

Sooo, D600, correct?

Thanks for your input, Steve

D3s in good condition is i believe still the king of low light.

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