Nikon Service Still Playing Impact Damage Game

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Re: Just buy the Tamron.

tundracamper wrote:

Why would Nikon return a repaired lens to a customer that looks like this?  Well, they did, and the initial repair had nothing to do with the aperture blades.  BTW, this is a 200/2VR.

Then, after returning it the second time, it came back with this new addition.

Apparently, Nikon repair has no quality control.  Once the form says it's done, out the door it goes.

Wow that is bad.  This is why I say just get the Tamron in case of the 24-70.  Nikon simply doesn't deserve to be awarded with a lens purchase with all the repair/warranty shenanigans they are pulling and despite what Nikon fan boys like to claim every review I have seen shows that except for the Nikon MAYBE being a little tougher due the the metal barrel, the Tamron is just as good in real world use.   Sure this kind of thing doesn't happen all the time but you sure hear a lot more stories like this about Nikon than any other manufacture.

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