Nikon's next FX DSLR: Anticipated release date?

Started Jun 5, 2013 | Discussions thread
John Motts Veteran Member • Posts: 5,580
Re: Nikon's next FX DSLR: Anticipated release date?


I think I read at Thom Hogan's site about a possible update to the D4 to add more pixels while maintaing speed and high ISO.  (D4s?)

There have been rumors a while ago about a much higher MP pro body too, along the lines of the old D3x.  Perhaps a 56mp FX body, with great IQ but not high ISO and frame rate.

Either way, it's a pro camera at a very high price.

Yes, that's probably about it. The D600 is still very new, the D800 is only just over a year old.

I'd love a direct replacement/update for the D700 but I'd be amazed if it were to happen.

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