A prediction of the D400.

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Re: focus peaking?

lock wrote:

You need an evf or a hybrid ovf/evf system like the one from Fuji). I do not see that happening at Nikon.

Other than that, I agree with your points. But I would like to add that the d300 had to earn his degrees as an action camera too. Although some d300 users may have gone elsewhere, if the camera beats the Canon contender by a serious margin, it may in the end grow into a true d300 successor in terms of quality and sales.

Obviously, you can't see focus peaking through an OVF, but it can be implemented on the LCD (perhaps useful for macro shooting) even if there is no EVF and certainly doesn't need a hybrid viewfinder.  I don't expect anyone else to do a hybrid viewfinder (besides Fuji).  It seems like a transition feature that makes some people comfortable with OVFs more comfortable buying a new product that is really an EVF product.  I expect over the next couple years that people will both get more comfortable with EVFs (they will become more accepted in high end cameras) and their quality/shortcomings will be improved.

I own the Fuji X-E1 (which doesn't have an OVF at all) and I use the EVF exclusively (I hate holding the camera out in front of me to look at an LCD).  The EVF has its advantages and disadvantages over an OVF, but it isn't really getting in the way of using the X-E1 for what I intended to use it for and I appreciate some of its advantages.

I don't expect a D400 to have an EVF because a camera optimized for action isn't the first place Nikon should be putting an EVF in the DX product line.  But focus peaking on the LCD could still be useful.  Anyway, it's not a critical feature for the D400 - I was just attempting to illustrate that there are plenty of ways Nikon could add value to the D400 over the D7100.

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