A Pro's opinion of EVF vs OVF

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Re: A Pro's opinion of EVF vs OVF

Gary_Scotland wrote:

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Talented, experienced, articulate professional photographer with an interesting, and convincing to me, opinion of mirrored vs. mirrorless cameras and their future.

After using SLRs for 50 years, currently invested in Nikon DX and waiting for the D400, I bought a Nikon 1 V1.  Using it for the past 5 months has brought me to the same conclusion.

I'm hoping Nikon's next major introduction is a DX competitor to the NEX with improved V1 focusing speed and EVF.  That camera could be a smash hit and a huge game changer, IMHO.


My take on things is - it is all about matching the right camera to the photographer and their specific needs for that camera. There is no "one-camera-fits-all", although this is so often the route of marketing and advertising campaigns, 'discussions' in forums, etc - which regularly leads to the 'my camera is bigger than yours' type of philosophy.

Comparing cameras is useful to discover if one has features more important to someone's needs as long as people don't view it as -  one camera being 'better' than another. It is about 'one camera being more appropriate' rather than 'better'

Another thing that I feel is often overlooked is that no camera has the ability to be creative, and therefore a camera cannot improve someone's photography. It may produce marginally better photo IQ in certain shooting circumstances, but that leads back to getting the most appropriate camera to meet the photographer's needs.



Well stated, Gary.

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