Canikon another dinosaur?

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Forecasting the future is not easy..

I have four systems. I've a big Canon D system which I use for everything and sports. I've an older Olympus E3 system (used to have the useless E1) which I keep in my holiday house abroad. I've a Panasonic G1 MFT system which is ultralight and which I use with two bodies for cycletouring, and I recently got a NEX-7 system for non-cycling holidays.

The Canon is too heavy for holidays. The NEX is useless for sports but a superb pictorial camera.

The MFT is pretty good but useless for sports.

Electronic VF are good to previsualise the effects of exposure. The one in the NEX is good enough for action, but the AF isn't. The NEX-7 shoots only 300 shots per battery. The Canons do 5000.

I read the article. I think that size and weight are very important, otherwise I'd only have Canon.

We'll have to wait and see..

One observation. If MFT was going to succeed, shouldn't it be increasing its share by now?

I changed from Microsoft to Apple about 3 years ago. Apple is slowly increasing and I'm sure it will replace Microsoft..

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