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Re: Say what?????

Josh152 wrote:

Personally I think Microsoft would have had a real winner if they only ran one of the two UIs in win 8 at a time.  IF you had a tablet, you run the "modern ui" or what ever they call it and if you have a desktop you run the normal desktop UI that everyone is used to and is much more productive for people who use their computers for more than just facebook and "pwning noobz".

I still can't believe MS made such a colossal and obvious mistake of trying to use two different UIs at once.  If they had just let some people off the street use Win 8 in front of them they would have realized they were making a mistake in the 5 minutes the people spent trying to find the desktop as the grew more and more p*ssed off.

I totally agree with you. If it had an option to switch back and forth that would be a whole different story. MS should have had you on the product planning team. Make the tablet and desktop compatible for moving things between and provide at least 'lite' apps for the tablet. The tablet style interface just does not work well for productivity, and I see how hard MS is pushing to get '8' out on as many PC's as possible.

I know people who bought new PC's and are having 7 installed; I just got my mom in law a new PC from Dell making sure to spec one that came with Windows 7 on it.

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