I have a Canon T4i, but I'm thinking of getting a D7100. Need Help!

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Re: I have a Canon T4i, but I'm thinking of getting a D7100. Need Help!

The D7100 body certainly has more features than a Rebel body, as does a Canon 60D or 7D. You mention a desire for more "sharpness". You will need to print AT LEAST 13x19 and more likely 16x20 to see ANY appreciable increase in apparent sharpness of your print in going from an 18 to a 24 MP APSC camera at low ISOs. If you doubt this, download sample images from here or other test sites and print them. I have done this and was amazed at how little difference at the print level a substantial increase in MP actually showed. If you used the D5200 you have a good idea of the sharpness of the D7100.

You mention you love your 15-85 lens. The tests I have seen show it to be slightly better than the Nikon 16-85 and slightly more expensive so a change would result in a slight downgrade optically.

You are buying into a system and a company. At this time in the U.S. I think Canon is a much friendlier company toward the consumer than Nikon. Repairs on Nikon take 3 times as long to get back and cost twice as much as Canon per Roger at lensrentals. Nikon's policy of not selling parts to independent repair shops was enough to keep me from purchasing any more Nikons until (if) they change their policy. Canon seems to have avoided most of the quality control problems dogging Nikon, although to be fair the D7100 seems to be fairly trouble free compared to other recent Nikon cameras.

Since you seem to reasonably happy with your Rebel and 15-85 lens, I would recommend that you wait a few months to see what new Canon products are released, you have a more than adequate system to use in the meantime.

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