Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Say what?????

Just Having Fun wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Richard wrote:

Canon may ditch the the EOSM but Nikon seems to have a good product. I understand what Canon was trying to do but I think they missed the mark which was to be small with small lens

Canon has come out with the smallest DSLR on the market - noticeably smaller while not giving up anything in the way of body controls or functionality.....

Maybe you need to look at this...,237,ha,f

How is that "noticeably smaller"?

This has been tried before.  The only difference is the Sony's had better sensors, offered 10 FPS, and a lot more.

Now look at this and tell me which is "noticeably smaller" ...

I said noticeably smaller than other DSLR's. The Sony is not a DSLR.

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