Would you switch brands if an nex sized ff competitor entered the market?

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Re: Would you switch brands if an nex sized ff competitor entered the market?

Tastybread wrote:

I've been thinking about this for a little while. I desperately want to move onto ff sensors but can't stand the size of the available dslr's. I fully believe that Sony will try to bring something to the market before anyone else, but I often wonder how attached I am to the platform. If a competitor happened to beat Sony to the punch and thsee hardware were respectable, I probably wouldn't hesitate.

The moment anyone comes out with a camera, that has the size of a Nex, but also :

- Fully articulated screen; it doesn't have that, discussion over.

- A sensor of Nex quality, with a 24MP model option.
  With the file quality of The Nex; I'd actually prefer APS-C over FF; little IQ loss, but  larger DOF, and slightly smaller lenses and bodies .

- Usable UI programming and controls: ; noone else is doing it worse than the Nex, so it will not be a factor . Control wheels just need to be a couple more, and stay in place .

Like a Sony R1 or Samsung EX1, with interchangable lenses and a good APS-C Sensor, preferably designed by Canon or Nikon's pro department .

Then it's byebye Sony, and my entire , considerable, Nex gear goes to ebay .

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